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Postdoc positions in computational materials/theoretical chemistry

Published:2012-10-18 14:56:21 From:Editor hits:
A perspective candidate should have a strong background in at least one of the following fields: statistical physics and chemical dynamics, computational quantum chemistry or computational materials. Candidates should have strong experience on computational programming. Previous experience in either (1) the application or development of large-scale atomistic simulation, or (2) quantum mechanics methodology, [such as density functional theory (DFT), path integral, quantum Monte Carlo etc.] and/or quantum chemistry packages, [such as VASP, Gaussian, QChem etc.] is preferred. Analytical skills are a plus, but not necessary. 

Potential graduate students and research assistants are also welcome. Interested candidates should submit curriculum vitae, statement of research interest, and arrange three letters of recommendation sent via email to Dr. Guohua Tao at 
E-mail: taogh@pkusz.edu.cn

This is a restricted position supported by sponsored funds. Duration of the appointment is renewable annually dependent on satisfactory performance and continuation of funding.