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Open Faculty Positions at School of Advanced Materials, PKUSZ

Published:2012-10-23 14:52:44 From:Editor hits:
Peking University, Shenzhen (PKUSZ), is located in an ultra-modern metropolitan area with a population of 10 millions near the border of Hong Kong, having the one of highest per-capita GDP in China. As a contemporary city in the Orient, Splendid Shenzhen is especially amiable for high-tech professionals with ambitions. PKUSZ is targeted as a state-of-the-art international institution for graduate students with a global vision. (http://www.pkusz.edu.cn/

Our School, School of Advanced Materials, is a new and fast developing division in PKUSZ. We are recruiting talented scholars from top universities and research institutes in the world. Positions are open for the following directions.

(a) The direction of new energy materials, such as a new high efficiency and low cost thin film solar cell materials and applications, high-capacity battery materials and system

(b) The direction of electronic information materials such as meta-materials, materials for next-generation high-speed microelectronic and processes, materials for new information storage media and optical communications and technologies

(c) The direction of biomedical materials such as a new type of biomimetic materials, drug delivery and biologically active materials, diagnosis and treatment of materials

Candidates must have an earned doctorate in chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, materials sciencecomputational materials science or other related field and demonstrated research expertise. The candidates will be expected to develop interdisciplinary research programs with colleagues, collaborating with the booming high-tech industry, taking advantage of the generous incentive programs funded by the government. The candidates must also be committed to teaching graduate courses. Interested applicants should submit CV, the statement of research and teaching interests, and the contact addresses of at least three references to Prof. Fred Pan (panfeng@pkusz.edu.cn)