Main Research Activities
Current activities of the laboratory cover a broad spectrum, ranging from fundamental research to industrial technology transfer. The lab masters processes of device fabrication for a wide variety of high-efficiency thin-film solar cells and high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells, New solar energy materials, including organic semiconductor, copper zinc tin sulfide, et al. New concept solar cells with low dimensional interface structures Innovation of synthesis, fabrications and applications of flexible thin film etc.

1.Research system

2. Labs and research centers
---Multidisciplinary fundamental research on molecular dynamics, new energy, information technology and life science.
---Interdisciplinary research and development on new materials, new energy and information technology.

3.Corporative research system
We are focusing on the development of novel materials, interfacial microstructures, and processes for improving the efficiency of thin-film solar cells.  There are three major areas for improvements:
a. Improve light trapping effect to absorb full spectrum and large angle lights
b. Enhance photon-electron conversion rate
c. Increase photovoltaic conversion voltage
We are targeting on transferring the technology developed at PKUSZ for manufacturing to support and boost the solar cell industry in the city of Shenzhen.