About SAM
The School of Advanced Materials (SAM) is founded in 2011. Based in Peking University Shenzhen (PKUSZ), SAM is aiming to become a world class Materials Science & Engineering department. The new school will focus on research areas such as new energy materials, electronic information materials and biomedical materials. Its mission is to train talented graduate students with advanced materials science knowledge and to become well known research center in the world.

As a new member in PKU Shenzhen, SAM will further strengthen its role as an international school with interdisciplinary and applied academic environment. The new school will collaborate in both education and research with first class universities in the world and will also develop a unique collaboration pattern with Chinese industries and research centers. We welcome talented scientists and engineers from all disciplines who are interested in joining our school.

SAM is currently recruiting first class scientists and innovative research team worldwide.  Aiming to become a world-class school of Materials Science and Engineering, SAM plans to recruit at least 30 professors and researchers in the next 5 years, with a capacity of educating about 100 graduate students in the fifth year.

   First class school of material science and technology


    Peking University Tradition & Shenzhen Passion (Energy)
    International faculties and talented students and first class labs
    Basic research of interdisciplinary subjects
    Aim in industrialization and corporative research system