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Power and Energy-storage Battery Materials Lab

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1. Research objectives:
New materials with greater safety and higher energy density for power and energy-storage batteries
Research directions:
1) Improve the performance and safety of existing power battery materials.
2) Develop new power battery materials with greater safety.
3) Develop new material systems with both desirable safety performance and energy density.
2. Research route:
To resolve the essential problems of safety and energy density of Li-ion battery, the Engineering Lab of Safe Power Batteries and Materials puts forward some original ideas.
In the near future, the essential idea is to improve the safety of the key materials. First of all, cut off the inner short-circuit and isolate the combustible materials from the air, consequently prevent the thermal-runaway; Secondly, developing new materials with greater safety, such as hard-carbon anode materials, lithium titanate anode materials, high voltage phosphate cathode materials, new ceramic separators, solid state electrolytes, etc. Thirdly, using surface decoration techniques to fundamentally improve the intrinsic safety performance of the materials.
In the long term, we aim at developing new material systems, such as lithium-sulfur battery, to comprehensively improve the safety and energy-density of Li-ion batteries.

3. Specific research directions:
(1) Research, development and industrialization of key materials
Controlled synthetic of LFP materials 
(2) Application of materials “DNA” and dynamic model calculation to the battery materials design and interface process research
(3) Preparation of sulfur composite cathode materials

Sulfur composite cathode materials
(4) Preparation of porous materials using sol-gel technique

Three-dimensional porous materials
(5) Nano-porous structure control and wettability control of separators
SEM images of separators
(6) Functional design of ionic liquid electrolytes
Functional ionic liquid electrolytes
(7) New materials for lithium-sulfur batteries
Hollow carbon nanofibers/sulfur composite structure

CNT/sulfur composite
Conducting polymer-coated mesoporous-carbon/sulfur composite

Contact: Dr. Li      E-mail: lirui@pkusz.edu.cn