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SAM published an article on the National Science Review

Published:2019-11-28 11:25:09 From:Editor hits:

        Professor Feng Pan and associate professor Jiaxin Zheng from School of Advanced Materials of Peking University have made key progress in their research. They were invited in the National Science Review (National Science Review) and wrote the summary and prospect of "' Structure units' as materials genes in cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries", analyzes the structure of lithium battery cathode material primitives is how to determine the chemical and physical properties of their inner (conductivity, ion migration, structural stability, thermal stability and charge transfer properties), have the effect of "material".

        They suggest that the source of " Structure units " in materials will not only help us better and deeper understand the physical and chemical properties of materials, but also provide guidance for the rational design of better battery materials in the future, just as genetic engineering in life sciences modulates genes in materials.


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