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SAM has found a high performance and safe drainage secondary battery

Published:2019-11-28 10:56:43 From:Editor hits:

        The team of Professor Feng Pan, School of Advanced Materials recently regulated the design and obtained a manganese oxide with a special nano-sheet structure, and proposed for the first time the co-embedding mechanism of manganese oxide H+/Zn2+. Relevant results with the title of Unravelling H+/Zn2+ Synergistic Intercalation in a Novel Phase of Manganese Oxide for High-Performance Aqueous Rechargeable Battery, was published in the international famous science and technology periodical Small (doi.org/10.1002/smll.201904545., IF 10.857).

        In this study, a simple hydrothermal reaction was used to prepare manganese oxide nanowires (mno2h0.16 (H2O)0.27, MON) of monoclinic crystal system (P21/c(14)), in which the thickness of nanowires was only ~2.5nm. This special structure greatly reduced the ion diffusion distance and promoted the reaction kinetics of H+/Zn2+ out/in (charge and discharge). Secondly, this study uses a variety of experimental characterization methods, combined with the first-principles calculation, to propose and verify for the first time the H+/Zn2+ in the MON charge-discharge process of collaborative embedding/ejection.

        Finally, the study also found that the insertion/ejection of H+ is the essential reason for the high multiplier performance of MON cathode materials.